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"notin: " search command to include folder and it's subfolder

How to exlude tasks from certain folder / project and all it's subfolders?  I have plenty of Folders under Project, but in my Dashboard (or search line) I want to exclude this Project from search W...

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Hello! I recommend the following functions to be added 1. When the dashboard setup, it would be great to apply it to different subfolders as a layer. Let's say I built a Dashboard with own tasks by...

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Filter due:>tomorrow does not work properly and does not copy to dashboard

Problem 1: in the list view the filter returns all tasks "due tomorrow and after". Should return all tasks "due after tomorrow" Problem 2: when copied to Dashboard, it does not work at all. Seems...

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search syntax (exlusion = not something; due: day after tomorrow and on; due: split by day of week)

Hi! 1. Very often in our dashboards we require NOT syntax for the filter (say, due this week and NOT overdue). 2. "due:" filter would benefit from additional syntax like "due: today2 = tomorrow, to...


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