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Google Apps Script Webhooks, populate a document with data from Wrike. I need some better resources.

Wrike Integrate is not mentioned in docs for using webhooks. Is it required or can I just use the API? I have been trying to set up a webhook with Google App Scripts to populate a document with cus...

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Using a request form to create multiple tasks with unique entries for the custom data fields

I am trying to minimize the custom data fields from a request form for integration purposes. I can use the request form to make two different tasks but the custom data fields are always the same, I...

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Is there a way to autofill a custom data field in Folder A with calculated data in a custom data field from Folder B?

In other words, can I get the custom field value from one folder and use it in another folder? If not, what is an appropriate implementation of this behavior? Here is an example: I have multiple ta...


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