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  2. Wrike Analyze

Filter Analyze Report by URL Parameter

Hi!I've create some reports, with Analyze to give to all employees to track their performances, their time tracking, progress with projects ect.We have a single report for all employees I each of t...

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  2. How To

Organize blueprint and Automation

Hi!I work in a web agency and oneof our main activities is to create websites for our clients.To do this, we have structured a very full-bodied blueprint that encompasses all the phases, from the i...

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  2. Wrike Analyze

Group of Users like a Filter

Hi folks!I'm using Wrike Analyze to create some dashboard useful for having a look on workload for our employees. We have different user groups like Devs, Project Managers, Content Creators, Graphi...

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  2. Product Feedback

Wrike Automation - Categories

Hi Community! It would be very useful for me to have the possibility to divide them into categories on the Automations page. To be able to find them more easily.   Thanks


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