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  • Workflows & Assignee Changes

    Greetings everyone! Apologies if this has already been discussed. I'm hoping I can get some advice on using workflow statuses to change assignees. Example: email creation.  This is our current blue...

  • Approvals as Assigned Tasks

    It would be SO helpful to us if approvals acted as regular tasks. We primarily use proofing and approvals in our creative workflows. When we set up our workspace, we didn't have this feature, so we...

  • Different Reviewers by Document on the Same Task

    It would be nice to be able to specify different reviewers for multiple documents within the same task. Right now, whoever is assigned as a reviewer is assigned to all documents marked for review.

  • Workaround: Customize Email Notifications per Workspace (Outlook)

    We recently signed on with a third-party company for marketing automation software and the setup process is intense. Luckily, they ALSO use Wrike! For the first time I have two Wrike workspaces. I ...

  • Group Calendars to Avoid Multi-Select

    It would be really cool for us to be able to group calendars. Here's an example of how we're managing social media and our blog with calendars: Every time we want to see all of these calendars at ...

  • Prioritizing/Categorizing Daily Tasks Quickly and Effectively

    If you're like me, your Wrike workspace can get out of control really fast. Has anyone found a good way to prioritize and categorize tasks in such a way that it makes the workspace visually easier ...

  • More Mass Edit Options

    We think the mass select feature should have more options!  Assign importance Star tasks Add tasks to a calendar Add task prefix (can currently only be done when duplicating a folder or project, I...

  • Wrike Tip - Document EVERYTHING

    On our team, we promote the idea that, "If it isn't in Wrike, IT DOESN'T EXIST!"  "Wrike is down" can be heard multiple times a day in our office. (Thanks, Redfoo.) Redfoo. Once you start documenti...

  • Add Exclusions to Filters and Dashbaords

    Wrike filters allow for a lot of customization, but I think they're missing a key feature: exclusions.  For example, on my dashboard "Tasks by Due Date," I have a widget called "Priority Today." Th...