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  • Google Calendar integration vs more than one meeting during task realisation

    Hi, I wonder how many of us need to manage meetings in relation to the task. If I have more than one meeting during task realisation I can add the event to the google calendar and edit it later if ...

  • how to dissconnect file from wrike task or add it to another one??

    I'm in Word and working on file connected to task in wrike-addin. I save this file as a copy but relation between file and task is still on. How to disconect it, new version should be attached to t...

  • intelligent users group

    Hi is there any possibility to make intelligent user group for all types of users.If somebody is a Collaborator he/she is automatically added To Coalborators group.I'm doing it manually but it need...

  • files view in project/folder

    I would like to ask about permissions to view files.Everyone sees all the files or it's related to the task you are assigned to or following it or those from the task which are shared with you? hel...

  • Efficient way to cooperate with support@team.wrike.com

    Hello Everyone, i would like to start generall discution how to cooperate with Wrike Support Team. At this moment (it could be my lack of knowleadge) i have to make a request on their page or send ...