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  • Drag n Drop folder tags in dashboard

    Hi,   It seams that the feature to drag n drop a folder onto a task in dashboard view(as a metod of adding the task in an additional folder) is not working anymore? Have you removed the feature or ...

  • "Out of office" auto replies create unwanted tasks

    Hi, We have recently noticed "out of office" auto replies creates unwanted tasks in Wrike. They are created as new tasks in the same folders as the comment/action notice came from. How can we avoid...

  • [Status: Backburner ⌛️] New feature - WBS

    Hi, I am missing the possibility to create, oversee and work with a WBS directly in wrike. For me this is a very important feature to have when planning a project. I often start by making a wbs and...

  • [Duplicate] Visibility of folder structure

    From the Wrike Team: Vote for this feature on Emily's post, but check out the solution that Oskar offers below.  HI, Creating folders and grant access in different levels in the heirarchy is a corn...

  • New Dashboards - missing features

    We just received a new layout for all dashboards. We are not completely satisfied..  We don't want to navigate between the dashboards in 1 big list.. could we add a function where we can "favorite...