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Automation Rules Duplicated

We should have the ability to duplicate a rule in order to have the same functionality in various workspaces or locations.  Having to create the same rule for 10 different locations is not effective.

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Wrike Request Form Reporting

It seems strange to me that no one is asking to produce reports from answers within a request form.  I understand now that you need to use a custom field and it is possible but it's a little late f...

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Adding Bookmarks

It would be great to add reference materials, for Wrike users, that are other forms and don't have a URL.  I'd like to add .pdf's, request forms without external links, and other documentation. 

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Can the custom worklfows be defaulted based on the workspace or some other criteria?  We have multiple company's using Wrike.  Each company has it's own workflows.  When blueprints or tasks are cre...


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