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I have worked at this company for 24 years, starting as a file clerk, and working my way up the ladder. I am now the IT/Telephony and Marketing Director. You can imagine the varied tasks and projects these two completely different departments can have. To say the least, with these two completely different departments, I felt overwhelmed and disorganized. Until Wrike! Wrike Fan For-Ever! I love to learn and share my knowledge of Wrike.


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Wrike Tip - Emailing Tasks

I absolutely love the add in for Outlook. I open my In-box in the am, convert any email that needs attention to a task, assign it to a folder, set the status, assign to the appropriate person, and ...

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Wrike Tip - Time Tracking

The first thing i do in the am when i open Wrike, is to 'start' and 'pause' the time tracker for each task/project that i will be working on, as well as my generic Task - Daily Activities.  Daily A...

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When task is emailed to Wrike - allow user to select Duration - or it messes up Workload

Love the feature that you can email to a folder and it will create a task, however, it creates a task with a duration of 1d.  On workflow that equals 8 hours, Send one email to become a task and yo...

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Why Backup if you can't restore?

Why would you want to backup on a local pc (or even your own server) if the file cannot be brought back into Wrike?  https://help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/articles/209605749-Account-Backup

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New Tab vs Open in Separate Tab

Previously, i could open a task in it's own "window" at which point you could see that task and another at the same time. With the new way, you cannot do that. 

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Hide Workflows for those that don't use them

My Assistant and I have 10 different workflows, while the others in the office only have 2. It would be nice if we could hide the 10 we use from them, to reduce the clutter when they are choosing w...