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Help with syntax for /folders API call to retrieve custom field

I'm using the Get Folder Tree API call and need to add a single custom field to the response for each project. The doc is sparse on syntax examples (https://developers.wrike.com/api/v4/folders-proj...

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  2. How To

Is it possible for calendars to show custom item type icons for project layers?

Has anyone had any luck getting the custom icon for a custom item type (project) to appear in calendar layers? I've tried everything I can think of, and despite confirming that the project item typ...

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  2. Product Feedback

New Custom Field Type - Icon (or add optional Icon/Color to options in Single Select type)

We continue to get requests from our Wrike users for more visual elements (images/colors) on table-based reports and in the Table views for projects/folders. We'd like the ability to select from a ...

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Add option to show task count for each day in Calendars

Interesting use case came up for one of our teams today. They're using a layered Calendar to view various marketing campaigns, as this view allows them to easily see what's running on any given day...

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Milestone functionality in Lightspeed

I'd like to be able to create milestones in blueprints in Lightspeed without having to add an end date without a start date. In other words, I'd like the Convert to milestone menu option added back...

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  2. Product Feedback

Report filter by assignee should include job roles

One use case of many... We have a large, complex project we're stubbing out (will become a blueprint when we finish it), where every task is assigned to a job role. We need appropriate staff to pro...


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