Dashboard for "Tasks Completed by Team Member"

I'm trying to build a dashboard to see what tasks each team member has completed. I've tried the settings in the dashboard widgets but when setting this up by parameters such as:

-Assignee: Team Member A

-Status: Completed

-Completed Date: This Month

But... this set up filters to assignee, not to the person that actually checked complete on the task. So if there was a task assigned to two people- Team Member A, and Team Member B -then this dashboard widget will show completed tasks by assignee not by who actually checked complete.

Anyone have a solution for this?

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I strongly recommend assigning each task to one user only. If more than one person has responsibility, it is better to create subtasks. Otherwise it's not cleary definded who's responsible for which part of the task, and in the worst case none of the assignees will do the work. ;-)

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