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 I have setup wrike for our small business and have created a few projects in the space. The projects contains tasks which our team members need to perform.

I have a separate business email setup in outlook, through which clients communicate if any specific activity they want us to do on a project. Clients do not write directly to the members working on the project. They write to us on the business email id, and we create a task in the client's project in wrike and assign a team member for it. Is there a way in which, the task list in outlook appears directly in wrike ? Or alternatively, say, I flag mark a client's email, and this flagged email appears in wrike ? 

There is information available on how wrike tasks can be done in outlook, but i could not find anything vice-versa. 

Any thoughts ? 




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You can convert emails in Outlook to wrike, either as a new task, or as a comment to a specific task. You can use the Wrike-plugin for Outlook or just forward the email to a specific address. Are you familiar with this feature?

Email Integration in Wrike – Wrike Help Center



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