Better to have everyone an owner or shared with a group?

As the primary administrator for our organizational Wrike account, I keep getting requests to make everyone an owner with all of the projects. This seems to defeat the purpose of shared folders, etc. For instance, we have someone who may need to write a press release and our Request form was not triggered with this request. So the creative team is aware of it and gets to work on it, but on some projects (not all) the client may forget to click on the right box to alert the right team. Is sharing the way to go with something like this? Can we go back in and add a selection the client didn't?

I am also getting requests to have all the separate pieces in a campaign (flyer, invite, program, press release, video, social media) in separate request forms since they all have different due dates. To me, this defeats the purpose of using Wrike to do larger project planning and the many different teams working on the multiple pieces. Too many tickets to track.

I'm meeting with my success coach on Friday, so this may be moot by the time I get an answer, but I'm about to go crazy. LOL. 

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Hi Marina,

what do you mean with "owner of a project"? Do you mean assignee? I don't really understand your question.



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