✈️ Releases - Tables, custom fields, and timezones (08/31/20)

Feature Updates

  • Copy/Paste From Any Table

Now it's easier to bring more to the table. We've added the ability to copy values for multiple columns and cells from other tables (Google spreadsheets, Excel) and text files (.csv, .txt) and paste them to the Table view.

Note that this works only with some types of columns (title, all dates, durations, effort, all numeric fields, text) and that if the type of the column where you want to paste the info doesn't match with the type of the info itself then the paste won't work.

  • Custom Fields With The Same Name

When both the parent item (folder, project, space) and its subfolder (subproject) have custom fields with the same names, these fields' values won't be merged into one and will show up separately.



  • Calculated Custom Fields And Timezones

Sometimes, a Wrike user with a timezone set to UTC -5:00 had an extra 20 minutes displayed for a Duration calculated custom field. This is now fixed.

  • Mass Edit For Tasks

When some teammates with New Experience enabled tried to select a task for mass edit, the task was not selected and the mass edit option was reset. Fixed!

  • Mentioning Collaborators

Sometimes, when you wanted to @mention a collaborator in a comment and hovered over their name in the list of suggested users, you could see "External user" written over it, instead of "Collaborator". Fixed now.

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I'm trying to copy/paste from excel into Table view but it is not working. Anyone else having issues or any tips on how you got this to work



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