๐Ÿ“ธReleases - Proofing, iOS updates, and taking snapshots (08/03/20)

Feature Updates

  • Workload Charts Color Coding

When grouping by job role is enabled on a Workload chart, the cells in the job role row are now also color-coded according to the effort allocation for all team members with that job role.

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  • New Versions In Wrike Proof

We've added the ability to add new file versions right from the Proofing window. With the file open, click on Versions and then select to add new.

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  • iOS App v.4.0.2

As of this version, we are no longer supporting iOS 11. If you are experiencing any problems with the app, you will need to update to iOS 12 or higher. We've also updated the icon!


  • Permalinks For Tasks

Some of you that had configurable views enabled in Wrike couldn't access tasks via permalinks and would be redirected to the folder/project where the task is located instead. This happened if the folder/project had Table or Board view as default. Fixed now!

  • Gantt Chart Snapshots

When you created a snapshot for one project, you could see all other parent projects for a task there. Fixed.

  • Reports Right-Click

We've fixed right-clicking on the Open Task icon in a report to see the browser context menu!


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