Mass Edit Tasks to Add a Prefix (Project #) to All Tasks (Post Project Build)


I have figured out a streamlined way to initiate pre-built projects leveraging blueprints tied to a conditional intake form and all seems to make logical process and greatly help our team.  The one big Con of this approach however is that the only way to current apply a prefix (Project #) to all tasks is when you manually generate a project.

It would be a huge help and make sense to add a prefix option to the mass edit functions that are available within the project after its been created and the tasks have been built out.

I have it where easy to apply the project # at the project level but then it would require manually going through all the pre-built tasks to add the project #.  If this prefix option would be added to the mass edit options it would be a game changer and help reinforce blueprints and especially those tied to request forms

Please let me know if this is something that can get implemented 


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Hey Spencer Turkot, thank you for this suggestion! It's been passed on to the Product team.


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