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Meeting Minutes Template

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    Courtney Janssen

    I use meeting agendas all the time in Wrike and it works great! Hopefully this link helps:


    If you scroll towards the bottom there is some information on meeting minutes!

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪
    Jeffrey Veffer

    We built one as a simple bullet-ed list as a "deferred" status called "Meetings"

    I went into the Account Management--->Workflows and added the Meetings status under deferred. This allows the meetings status to stay present in the project without having an end date. I have a Top level task that I set for each project (e.g. Project X Weekly Status Meetings) and then have a sub-task underneath that with the blank meeting template. Before next weeks meeting I duplicate last weeks meeting minutes for this weeks meeting and edit/update.

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪

    Hey Jeffrey and Courtney, thank you for your tips! They are super helpful for anyone looking for templates.

    Kylie Hildreth, I'd recommend checking out the link Courtney posted and the statuses Jeffrey suggested. If you're looking for other templates, I'd suggest checking out this link a lot of different ones!

    If you have any other questions then let me know 😊

    Hugh Community Team at Wrike 💡Aprenda sobre as funcionalidades e melhores práticas em Wrike com o nosso Treinamento Webinar Online

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