Getting started: how do I assemble my team into Wrike?

I'm a brand new Wrike user, and I need some help.

I created the project space for my team, but now I need to bring them in so they can see everything and start working...

...but how do I actually do that? Do they need to create Wrike accounts? Do I need to send them an invite? How do I do that?

Seems silly, but this part isn't intuitive to me in Wrike's platform. Any help would be great!

Thank you!

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You need to rigth click on the space or folder you want to "share" and invite the people to the space with their email if they don't have any account yet. Choose the "share" option. They will need to create an account themselves.

If your account has users in it, they will be shown we you click "share". You can manage the users in the account management when you click on your face on the top rigth corner. You need to be the account administrator to have this option.


I Hope this helps!


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Hi Matt! A tip that might help you is once you have invited your team to Wrike, create a group with all of them in it. You can do this by going to Account Management -> Users -> then click the plus sign next to Groups. You can name and color code the group to be whatever you want. Now when you create a project, you can click the share button(sideways triangle) and select the group name. Your entire team will instantly be shared on that project and be able to see it. I do this myself and find it much faster! Hope this helps, thanks!


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