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How do you use OKR's in your business/individual goal setting?

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪
    Dan Edgley

    I sat in that session too and feel like it was the best one! 

    We are working on KPIs and I want to morph/translate those into something a bit more automated in Wrike. I'm interested in hearing what other companies have planned as well. 

    With that said here are some more thoughts in this early process, 

    We are being directed towards 2-week updates which will most likely move to monthly (M1,M2, EOQ style). One of the KPIs I want to drive is Wrike Adoption. While all employees have a wrike account some units still do a lot of work outside of Wrike, so one of the KPIs will to be track usage of Wrike for our company-wide initiatives. 

    That KPI will help drive other measures in efficiency and schedules. 

    I still need to flesh the ideas out so hopefully more people will provide some thoughts/feedback :) 

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪
    Coilin Walsh

    We do weekly review of KPIs in team meetings - it is not elegant right now (checkboxes & manual typing in the task description) but it is a start! Would like to do more of a table format soon, but currently the flexibility of the task description has been working for us.

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