How to Create an Isolated Workspace?

Hello, everyone

I have the following need:
1. I've got multiple (1...n) workspaces for Team 1.
2. I've got Team 2, which shares 3 members with Team 1.
3. Team 2 needs separate workspace, so that Team 2 can't see any information about Team 1 (except shared members).
4. Shared members see all workspaces and tasks of both Teams.

Is it possible to create this kind of structure? Maybe, with help of some hacks?

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You can create some "groups". You could have a group named "Team 1" and one named " Team 2" with every team members that they each include (even if some people are in 2 groups). Once you give the access rights to the workspaces to groups rather than people, they will see what you want. I think that should do the trick!

To create groups, you need to go in "account management".

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hi Nikita, welcome to Wrike Community!

Have you considered using Spaces? You could create two separate Private Spaces so that both teams would not be able to see each others tasks without you giving them access to them. For more information on Spaces, make sure to check out the Help Centre article here.

Let me know if you have any questions! 😊


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