Deactivate instead of delete user?

Are there plans to add this feature to any other plans except for enterprise? I would like to deactivate an employee but do no want to fully delete them from the system. 

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Agreed.  We have 25 regular users and 100 collaborators on the Business plan.  It seems short-sighted to think only Enterprise accounts would have the need to deactivate users.  What it results in us doing is keeping them as active Collaborators so we don't delete the history of the user and moving them into a "deactivate" group.  Not the most preferred option, but it at least helps us identify them. 

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I completely agree!  It is terribly interruptive when a user is deleted before we have a chance to reset their task assignments, yet we need to remove their access to control system integrity on user exit.

There should always be a deactivation option.  Forcing deletion to 'deactivate' a user is a really challenging approach for user management.

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Any update on this issue Wrike team, our account used to have deactivate and its no longer available for about the last 6 months.




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