Constrictions in request forms in fields.

Here is a list of features that would be useful to have in request forms.

  • Optional constriction of number of symbols in "Short answer", "Paragraph and "Number" fields

Usage: Prefix in titles of tasks in projects created from templates become too long if users write too much in short answers determined for the title.

Usage for Numbers: Human error prevention

  • Optional constrictions on file types of attachments

Usage: Prevention of wrong files in resulting types

  • Optional constriction on dates. (Conditional start\end dates. ie today+1)

Usage: Prevention of overdue tasks creation

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I would very much appreciate the option to restrict File Types on request form attachments.

Specifically this would be beneficial as it's difficult to download and install the document editor on my company's PCs due to admin rights restrictions and PDFs can be printed within Wrike (whereas word documents have to be downloaded first (without access to the editor)).

(I'm referring to this request page )


It know it's a bit of a specific user case but if anyone else has this issue please speak up.

Thanks in advance 



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