๐Ÿ•ดReleases-Guest Reviewers, floating comments, and a disappearing act (11/12/18)

Feature Updates

Don't Allow Guest Reviews

Not everyone likes guests, admins can now choose to turn off Guest Reviews for their account. Admins on Enterprise can keep Guest Reviews but add restrictions.ย 

More Info for Guest Reviewers

Sometimes files can't be opened in the Proofing View and you have to download them. Guest Reviewers might be blocked from downloading files and in that case, Wrike shows them a message letting them know to contact the person who invited them.

Comments Next to Their Proofing Marker

If you've enabled updated Proofing from Labs, then you'll see Proofing comments floating on top of the image, right next to the related marker.ย 


Disappearing Tasks

If you have a "To do today/this week" widget, you may have noticed Tasks disappearing in certain cases and only reappearing if you refreshed the screen. We took care of it and there's no longer a disappearing act.ย 
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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I had a situation where a guest reviewer had CC'd/forwarded their automated email. This resulted in two people being able to comment under the same alias, leading to some confusion about comments / changes / approvals.

Any approach to reduce this would be great - not sure how cookies save a users session/recognise a guest user, if at all. Passwords could reduce this, but its a pain to have to send a second message to the reviewer when you want to cut this step out with the automated email.

Food for thought - cheers


Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I too am facing a group of external partners that could potentially forward the review to another person and multiple people could comment under the same alias. How can I track who is saying what, and if they approve, how can i be assured its the original person I sent the review too?

Passwords would slow this issue from happening, however- they could just forward the password too.

I don't want to add them as a collaborator if I don't have to.

Thanks, Erin


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