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Hi everyone!
Throughout the forums, there's Wrike Ninjas making this a better place for everyone to share and discuss ideas. You'll see them popping up to offer a helping hand when you need it or starting a conversation about different ways to use Wrike's functionalities. Although a Ninja is usually synonymous with anonymity, we believe these people have a lot of insight to offer and we want to highlight those for you here.
This Community Spotlight looks at Marjorie Downey. Read the Q&A below to learn a little more about Marj and how she's set things up to work successfully. Comment below if you have any questions for Marj, or to simply say hello ๐Ÿ‘‹

Tell us a little about your industry and your role in your company.        

Our company is family owned and operated. It's a complete auto and truck repair and maintenance company.  I started with them 23 years ago as a file clerk. Today, I am the Director of Marketing as well as IT/Telephony, Director. We are celebrating 40 years in the business this year.

What business functions do you/your team use Wrike for?   

With the vast differences in Marketing vs IT/Telephony, Wrike allows us to track everything going on. With multiple projects on both divisions, without Wrike, I would be lost. Projects include: Convert all locations to Fiber cable, update all print media with new pricing, monthly blog articles, new store opening (Marketing and IT/Telephony Tasks), 2018 Holiday Party, update all locations with new PCs.  And more... I can't imagine trying to track that without Wrike.

Before Wrike, how did you manage your work?

We didn't. But, we tried Outlook Tasks (and kept hitting the snooze button), sticky notes on the computer (kept closing them by accident), sticky notes on paper (kept losing them), handwritten daily ToDo lists (messy and hard to keep up with), and, well, just reacting as things happen.

What is the top thing or process that keeps you super productive?         

Well, Wrike is the answer to that. It is easy to get to work in the morning, see what needs to be done, prioritize it, and get it done. No need to wonder "where do I start".  Being able to prioritize my Assistant's Tasks for her helps keep her super productive as well.

Tell us about the process/setup that you/your team created that you're most proud of?   

My Priority Folder and Dashboard. We have a Folder with 3 Subfolders: a1, a2 and a3.

  • If it needs to be done NOW, a1 is applied. a1 is colored red.
  • If it can wait, it gets a2 (orange) and if it's a backburner type of task, it gets a3 (blue). I then sorted the entire company Folder (show Subfolders) by a1, by date, added to the Dashboard, repeated for a2 and a3.
  • Of course, if a task is not assigned either of these priority codes, they won't show up on this Dashboard, so, to prevent missing any Tasks, the Dashboard also has 'Everything assigned to ME, due today or Overdue.'  This way I can code those without one. I try to make sure every task has been coded, but some do get missed.

NOTE: do not Code the MAIN task or a Project! Just the individual task that needs the attention. I've even coded Subtasks for my Assistant so she knows where to start.  And yes, I made her a Dashboard just like mine, that I can see and adjust as needed.

We also did this for days of the week. We have 1Monday, 2Tuesday, 3Wednesday, etc.  I always do Artwork updates/changes on Wednesdays, so it's easy for me to click on 3Wednesday and see all the Tasks assigned for that day. It helps to make sure that 1Monday is not overflowing and 2Tuesday is empty. It's a great way to plan the week.

Why the 'A' in front of numbers? And why the '1' in front of Monday? It's easier to tag the Folder to a Task than looking for M or T as so many Tasks start with that. I just search for 1m and it appears.

If someone was thinking about using Wrike for their business, and they ask for your advice, what would you say?        

Watch the Instructional videos, the basic ones. It shows how easy it is to use. I would also suggest watching a few of the next step instructional videos, to see how much you can do with it. And, I would suggest they hit up the Community forums and read through some of the posts, see my next answer for why.

I would also tell them that Wrike's customer service is above and beyond any I have ever experienced and that any questions they have will be answered very quickly, and help is always there.

What value do you get out of Wrike's Community forums?    

Personally, I find it extremely beneficial in that I can ask a question and get an answer, I can learn new stuff, and discover things Wrike has to offer that I didn't even notice. I really enjoy reading the posts with questions on How To and then trying to find an answer, as this helps me dig even deeper into Wrike and all of its functions.    

Last question: If you had to be a Wrike feature which would you be and why?

Interesting question. I think I would be a Dashboard. Ever changing, always up to date and very informative.  And easy to get along with ๐Ÿ˜„

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Great post. Enjoyed reading this one. I have seen Marjorie answering questions and she is a great wealth of knowledge. Good to know more about you.

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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

We have been toying around with how to indicate priorities so this is a great idea. Thanks!

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