How to organised folder/task lists?



Is there a way to move and organize and move my folders and tasks up and down?:


Every time i'm trying to drag a folder to move it up or down I end up with a lot of mess and folders get into sub folders.. Is there no way to simply drag and re-organize my project and folders list?


One more question: Do you intend to add tags to folders and tasks? currently i'm adding folders instead of tags, will simplify my work significantly if you could add tags options.  

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Hi there

you can't reorganize folders by drag and dropping, unfortunately. The workaround is to include sorting parameters in the folder names. So if you have the following example folders:

  • Administration
  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • Production

... you could add a letter or number to the names to sort them how you want:

  • 1) Marketing
  • 2) Production
  • 3) Financial
  • 4) Administration


I only recommend doing this if you have a small, manageable amount of folders, otherwise the workload of adjusting folder names can get out of hand. 

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Perfect approach.

If you have a large set of Folder (above 10) with Subfolder structure you could use decimals to create the alphanumeric order:

1.0 Marketing
 1.1 Creative (subfolder)
 1.2  Design (subfolder)
2.0 Production
3.0 Financial
4.0 Administration

@Netanel, can I get a little more information about the tags you mention too, i.e. what are you planning on using them for?


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