Request Forms: Allow Project or Task Creation based on workflow

Is it possible to have a request form that creates a project or a task based on workflow options?  Right now my team has a single request form with different pages/workflows depending on what type of work the user is looking for.  

Is there a way to set up the form so that some of these pages/workflows create a project and others trigger a task?  We do not want to create a bunch of different, confusing forms but it would be great if, based on the answers provided, Wrike would create the type of work item we need (especially since projects can't be converted to tasks and vice-versa)

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I've just asked about this in the live chat as I couldn't find anything! Something like this would be very useful for our team and for moving forward, as we often get requests in that the requester doesn't realise or understand the scope of the job or how we classify jobs within the team for organisation.


It'd be great if I could 'secretly' direct certain request form responses to become projects rather than tasks, without the requester dictating which are projects and tasks.


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