How to add a second user to @mention

 One of my teammates just left and we have many projects under his name in direct contact with external advisors and collaborators.

Is there any way to every time his @ is mentioned I can get my @ to be mentioned as well?

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Hi Stephanie, that logic doesn't exist right now. Deactivated users are technically still 'active' members, with no access to their account.

An Admin on your account can remove the person so others can't @mention them. However please note that tasks, Folders, and Projects which only the user had access to will be deleted, but not ones that others had access to.

I'm guessing you need to find and reassign this person's tasks. Maybe try the below:

  • Create a Dashboard Widget: leave the source Folder/Project option on the left empty (but select to see tasks from Subfolders and subtasks)
  • Use the 'assignee' filter on the right side to see all tasks, subtasks assigned to this person.
  • Once you save the Widget, you can select the 'options' on the top of the widget and change it to see these tasks in the List View
  • Then mass edit to reassign all tasks to you, reassign them or assign them to whoever now needs to work on them. 

I hope this helps 👍



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