Importance: Either make it mobile app compatible, or get rid of it!

I don't see the point of offering an Importance feature (High, normal, low) if you can't view or change it using the app. That's a core feature and shouldn't be missing from the app if offered in the desktop version.

If you just got rid of it, at least it prevents anyone getting confused by it missing from the mobile UX. We can just create custom statuses for each level of Importance (though that excludes everyone not on Enterprise)

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I can see definitely see how having this as an option is important Luke. Our Product Team is very interested in making Wrike mobile experience even better and feedback like this helps during these internal discussions.

Thank you for sharing here and if I have any further info on information on mobile I'll update you, and you'll also find updates in the Release News section weekly.

One small note for anyone reading this post: Custom Statuses are available on both Business and Enterprise plans.

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I agree with @luke for a paid app, this is very poor. 

The amount of tasks I have created on the mobile, starred it (to remind me to mark the importance when on the web app) then just forgot about it as I can see it in my dashboard view is becoming increasingly annoying.

Wrike does a lot of things right but could be so much more with a little more love and care listening to what people need.

To me marking importance of a task is a core part of my workflow and something I have been used to using productivity apps for a number of years.  The reason all other apps have it, is because it works and people use it.

Please devote some time to this feature.





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Dear Wrike team, please provide an update on this. It's been a long time now. You could simply add 'Mark important' to the overflow menu.

Or just remove the feature completely.

Or help us why you would only support it on desktop! People are using the feature on desktop then hunting around for it on mobile and we're having our workflows disrupted. It's such a simple feature.

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What Luke said. Users are quite confused by this information being available on desktop, but only visible (not editable) on mobile. Should be consistent.

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I wanted to comment in this Thread. For me, the ability to set the Importance Level via the Wrike iOS App is huge. We have several instances of inbound requests/tickets that require the Importance Level to be changed to High. There have been a few times when a ticket has come in that I start assigning the ticket via the iOS App only to stop and login to my Laptop just to change the Importance Level to high. These issues are almost always time-sensitive. Thank you in advance for your consideration. 

All the best! 

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Hi what’s the latest on this request?

Sholto Macpherson


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