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[Status: Backburner ⏳] Editing Notification Types in the Inbox

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪
    Jamie Adler

    Lisa - thanks for adding occasional updates to this thread, and I've been a Wrike user long enough now (2+ years) to see that your team makes great improvements, and on a regular basis, but also that those improvements are often the revenue-producing ones, not the ones existing users most need to be successful using your product. You need to stay in business, I get that, but it's also cheaper to keep each customer than to replace them (i.e., churn is bad).

    So, when you say "but cannot fit it on their roadmap right now ahead of other planned enhancements." let's remind the Product Managers of these tidbits about this feature request to Manage Notifications so that the Wrike Inbox is Useful:

    • This feature affects EVERY SINGLE USER of Wrike
    • and the more fully we adopt Wrike, the more important this feature becomes because of Task Volume and Task/Notification Overwhelm
    • I can't find any one good way in Wrike to manage and prioritize my 300 tasks (Dashboards and Calendars are too flawed) so the Inbox is what I've defaulted to - and this is its flaw.
    • Those of us taking the time to ask (and re-ask) here are your (frustrated) Power Users.
    • Power Users are often beat-up by our co-workers when we try to champion your product but it sucks.
    • Power Users make renewal decisions.
    • Power Users can get loud in Social Media and greatly affect the perception of your product for EVERY SINGLE PROSPECT in either a good way, or a bad way.

    Bottom line: it's time to throw us this bone.

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪
    Catalina Lopera

    This is SO TRUE. Fully agree with Jamie. Like that time you took all the workload function feedback and made it an "add-on". Pf.

    This one is one of the KEY factors most people in our company hate Wrike. And now we're looking into other tools, probably moving away from Wrike soon. 

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪
    Dean McGrath

    Amen brothers and sisters!  I’ve gotten Wrike adoption from 1 project manager in one department of our company to our entire project management office and 40 cross functional team members.  This is their biggest gripe and my biggest challenge in making users happy as the Wrike champion in my organization.  New payed features, that often seem like nickel and diming are added continuously but improvements to the actual user experience are neglected.  I am starting to consider recommending we move away from Wrike before it is too late.  We are thousands of dollars per month on this product and I am starting to feel that Wrike doesn’t really care about its user base when I keep seeing the usual "we’ve brought up your request but it isn’t on the roadmap" for months on end for features that competing products have.

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪
    Dawn Kirby

    Being able to further control notifications would be amazing. We're managing with email notifications (most users have them switched off), but just like some of the comments above the regular notifications clutter up the Wrike inbox.

    We also have frequent occasions where a user will complete NEXT MONTHS task because they are working from the notification within the inbox (yes I know it clearly has a date on it - but still!!!).

    As mentioned above we don't need notifications for regular tasks - they show up on the dashboard. Being able to disable this one notifications would be incredibly powerful for us and make our users more efficient.

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  • Spot On! 👍 Innovative Approach 💡 Stellar Advice 💪
    Natasha Kastrissios

    Agreed!! All these issues are very frustrating and severely limit the user-friendliness of Wrike!

    Many of these comments are 2 years old - why hasn't this issue been fixed?

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