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  • Expand/Collapse in List view

    It would be really great if you could expand/collapse in list view for projects for mass update. We have easily 50+ projects in a folder and when preparing for vacations or employee termination it ...

  • Filtering the Wrike Community search results

    It would be really awesome if you could filter the community page a little. I do searches for things and I would really love to see the results listed by date. Some of the older items that have pop...

  • Gantt Charts and Effort

    Is there anyway on the Gantt chart to show the effort allocated on each task instead of it showing for one full day? For instance I have a sequence of events that need to happen in a specific order...

  • Customize Work Schedules

    It would be nice if the work schedules could be customized. We have many instances where people will work for a half day but Wrike's work schedule only allows for a full day off. We have instances ...

  • Reports on Projects that are active but all tasks are complete

    Does anyone know (or can you even) run a report of Projects that are still active, but all tasks within them have been complete?

  • Task Due Date History

    We have an issue where at times people will change their due dates on the task itself and not give an explanation as to why. We can obviously see when the task had changed to the "new" due date, bu...

  • Reviews: Marking as final

    I would love to see a feature where in reviews, after collaboration, after approvals you can mark a file "final" We want to keep a record of our revisions, but we would also like to know what exact...

  • Open the App to different views?

    I'm sure this is probably buried somewhere here and I'm not asking it right, but does anyone know if I can set my Wrike app/online version to open automatically to other views like the Stream or Ca...

  • Batch Tagging

    I would love to see a feature in which I can batch tag projects with a new tag that was created.  For instance, if I have ten projects in a folder, but six of them need an additional tag "follow-up...

  • Changing project templates mid-way

    We have been using Wrike for just shy of a year not and have identified a few of our templates that we had created way back when didn't actually work for us (Steps missing, new tasks identified, et...