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Email and mobile notification "mute" or delay feature

Is there a way to delay or mute notifications from sending immediately?  I sometimes work late to catch up or get ahead on projects, and it would be nice to not blow up my employees inbox or mobile...

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Wrike Team Productivity Reviewer

Does Wrike offer any sort of professional reviewing services?  Someone that can remote in on a phone call and take a look at how our team is using Wrike - providing some feedback on where we could ...

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"Add time entry" button or feature on the actual Time Log (show all records) page for a project/task

I am reviewing logged time on projects - it would be immensely helpful if I were able to add time from the same screen.  I can edit most aspects of the time logged, but I cannot add time from the s...

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Adding Versions to Wrike creative cloud extension for Premiere Pro

The video review functionality inside wrike has been a great tool for us to gather feedback and notes from clients.  We also love the ability to upload directly to wrike from within Premiere pro - ...


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