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  • 私のチームや携わる業界、興味のあること、そして私がWrikeを使って何を達成したかをご覧ください


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  • Revert or Change the Interface Font

    My team and I noticed that the Wrike interface font has recently changed. As far as I know, it wasn't announced.   I think the new font is considerably worse. It appears to be Segoe UI and is thinn...

  • Completed Tasks that Were Overdue Report

    It would be very useful to be able to pull up a report that shows completed tasks that were overdue at the time of completion (completion date is after due date). This is a great way to get a snaps...

  • Visible Video Embeds in Tasks

    Hi, One of my team members posted a video into the comments on a task but I thought it was an image because it didn't include a play button or anything to indicate it's a video . . . Can you guys a...

  • View Parent Task on Dashboard

    Right now tasks have a helpful tag showing up on the dashboard for what folder a task is a part of, however, it would be very useful for it to show the parent task as well (just like it does when a...