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  3. [Open Discussion] Share Your Favorite Automation Rules! 🤖

I lead the production team at a digital marketing agency in Canada.  A handful of our clients have very particular requirements, and it can be hard to keep every little detail for every client top ...

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  3. [Welcome!] New to the Community? Introduce yourself! 👋

Hello from Ottawa, Canada! 👋 I lead a digital marketing agency. We migrated to Wrike in March 2021, after 5+ years on a customized version of Salesforce using Skuid's UI/UX toolkit.  Our team is 40...

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  2. Brought to You By Wrike
  3. [From Wrike] Wrike Community Celebrates its 5th Anniversary 🥳

Happy annivesary, and here's to many more great years ahead!   I would love an invite to Wrike stars 👋

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  3. [From Wrike] What's New In Wrike - April 2021

The timelog export to PDF feature is very helpful! Would be interested to see this for reports too, as the snapshot feature, while visually appealing and usable, does allow external people to see f...

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  3. [Use Case Marathon] Week 2 - Team Meetings in the Remote Work Environment 📝

We do use Wrike to manage meetings. We create a status in our custom workflow (Purple = Meeting) to help visually identify these on workload charts and calendars.  They work well for note taking, a...


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