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  3. [Use Case Marathon] Week 1 - Workflow Automation ♻️

Lisa I love this use case and this is the type of process I would like to get to with my Marketing team! I fear we would actually miss many deadlines with this process because the first person to e...

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  2. Brought to You By Wrike
  3. [Best Practices] Using Backlogged Tasks to Your Advantage and Avoiding Backlog Land ☠️

I use the widget in my personal dashboard to keep track of all backlog tasks in our project queue! It helps me send reminders out to my team if they sit for too long. 

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  2. Weekly Release Notes
  3. [From Wrike] What's New In Wrike - April 2021

Love the change to the Custom Fields. It makes it a lot easier to add new fields to the list. 

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  3. [Open Discussion] Share Your Favorite Automation Rules! 🤖

We categorize our projects into separate folders (Intake, Active, On-Hold, Pipeline, and Completed). We use the project status for us to evaluate where a project is at any given time. In addition t...

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  3. [Welcome!] New to the Community? Introduce yourself! 👋

Hi Everyone! I am a Marketing Operations Specialist for a local credit union in Southeastern Pennsylvania. While Wrike was instituted briefly before I started, I have now inherited the tool and I a...


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