Sven Passinger

I am a manager in our R&D department and responsible for the introduction of Wrike at our side. I am very interested in project management since years. Now I am dealing with the huge task of building up a Wrike environment which fits to development processes in our company supporting people and their efficient work.


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Irene Snyman did you think about Request Forms? Together with Blueprints it is a very powerful tool. From your short description I would:1. make a list of questions you want to ask about the idea2....

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  3. Upcoming Training Session - Automation for Creative and Marketing Teams: Share Your Ideas! 🙋

I agree to Sophia. We have also different approvals and information depending on two variables. So a message or a approval request should be send out to different users or user groups (each member ...

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  3. Help Us Shape Your Learning: Suggest Topics for Upcoming Wrike Training Sessions and Webinars 💡

- how to make large projects in Wrike (structure for projects >1 year) with effort estimation (long term planning at project start, short term tasks as you can not plan all detailed tasks at the be...

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  3. 🚀 Releases - Mass Enable Project Progress, Public Links Access Request Added, Updates to Automated Integrations, and more! (2/26/2024)

Good step forward for automation to integrate more mail features. But when will Wrike be able to send mails? It is not practicable to use my Mailaccount for the Wrike account. The user triggering t...

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  3. Proofing vs approvals and how integrations play into that

We had problems (also outside Wrike) with wording. We use approvals and proofing as same words now (and try to use only the word approval in all systemsand documents). Review is something different...

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  3. [From Wrike] More Exciting Automation Updates: Approval Triggers and Assignment Actions ⚡️

Lisa One question about: Assign to item author: This feature is perfect for involving the item creator in the process, especially when working with requests. You are writing about request. What hap...

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  3. Wrike's Valentine's Day Competition - 2024 💚

Thanks to Thorsten benzler, my colleague for managing his team and great improvement in management and organisation.

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  3. [Community Member Spotlight] Mike Fank ✨

Welcome Mike.

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I am wondering why Wrike is not simply implementing the feature of @-mention yourself. From programming point of view the program gets an @-mention and it submits a message to the mentioned person....

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  3. Measuring On Time Delivery (OTD) - Help!

Katie Johnson you are right. I just checked. I can also not see our calculated fields.  Then it would be possible via API. For all the restrictions Wrike has we use a Jenkins Server which goes into...


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