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  2. API and Developers

User Access Reports for Bluepints

We have a significant number of blueprints - its one of our larger "spaces" Most of these are pulled from request forms and contain process information. I need to be able to pull access reports for...

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  2. How To

Is there a report to show what workflows are in use?

I'm not asking about workflow reports.  I would like to know if there is a way to see what tasks use what workflows.  I have several old workflows that I'd like to remove, but I need to know 100% i...

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  2. Remote Collaboration

Using the proper @mentions

Training our staff to use @assignees @followers and user groups has improved keeping the right parties in the loop. 

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  2. Product Feedback

Dashboard dropdown accessibility when using Space designated dashboards

If I'm using a dashboard that is assigned to a Space, why can't I navigate to all of my dashboards? Its a lot to then navigate to the menu drop down, pick dashboards, then navigate to the dashboard...

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  2. Best Practices

Workflow statuses that make sense

I create all workflows for our company. Even though I would love if they all followed a similar language, I've found the best way for many different brains to use Wrike is to take the extra 10-15 m...


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