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  • 私のチームや携わる業界、興味のあること、そして私がWrikeを使って何を達成したかをご覧ください I am a mechanical engineer who has worked in product design and development for more than a decade. I have a passion for combining aesthetics with sound engineering practices, as well as a love for product and project management. Get me excited about learning something new, and I'll have a laser focus on becoming an expert no matter what the subject, software, or activity is. Your shared knowledge is my gain, and I hope to give the same in return. Cheers!


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  • Conducting Meetings in Wrike using Spaces

    Al Sape just provided an excellent post in the “Best Practices” section regarding his team’s use of Wrike to both schedule and conduct meetings (see https://help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/...

  • Need to Remove Specific Assignees in Mass Edit

    Not long ago, I was able to remove specific assignees using the Mass Edit feature in List view.  We have numerous tasks with multiple assignees due to the way we collaborate in our organization and...

  • DFMEA "Risks" Log by Project

    In a recent post a user asked if anyone managed a risk log within Wrike.  I'm posting this to share how we manage risks for our own projects. We frequently have 20+ product development projects run...

  • Variations on a Theme - by Template

    I just recognized something I could be doing better with my project templates this afternoon.  Our project templates come in 3 flavors (at the moment).  All 3 templates contain the exact same tasks...

  • Wrike Tip - Clean Reporting using Custom Fields

    In our organization, reporting needs change based on time of year due to our development cycle flow.  Because milestone tasks are fixed after duplicating the project template, we found that using m...

  • Wrike Tip - Clean Reporting with Multiple Projects

    If you manage a team with multiple concurrent projects using a phase/stage gate process, you may have created your project template with each phase as a sub-folder or sub-project (see image below)....

  • Grouping Milestones by Project instead of Parent Folder?

    Hello! I have encountered a milestone reporting challenge with our project template and wanted to know what the community has experienced and if you guys have some ideas for resolution. First off, ...