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  • 私のチームや携わる業界、興味のあること、そして私がWrikeを使って何を達成したかをご覧ください


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  • Using Spaces to grant access for customers

    Hello, We are looking for a way to grant access for customers for a limited amount of info. We are thinking of the following set-up. We have activities in multiple countries. For the most part, our...

  • Communicating with clients & updating the case

    Hi, We as a consultancy company run many projects with our customers we use Wrike for part of the communication and workflow management. Some key users of our customers have access via a customer a...

  • Function of task calendar changed - and it sucks!

    We use Wrike to manage projects and support questions. We do not use the resource management module as that does not work for us. The additional administrative burden does not outweigh the advantag...

  • Custom field is not visible for other users

    Hello, I could use some help. I created custom fields before wich are available for other users. Now I created a new one, and this one is not. So, what is going on? What I did: - I created the fiel...

  • Automatic following of sub-tasts

    Current situation: 1) Create a task and add someone to follow this task. The task is automatically shared with the person. 2) Create a sub-task for this task. The group of people sharing the main t...

  • 'Modifier' as selectable and groupable field in reports

    If you are looking for ways to monitor the productivity in Wrike, you basically have to go through the Stream view. That is not the most effective possibility. Alternatively, you can create a repor...

  • Projects not visible in menu

    Hello, We have projects that are listed  in the left hand menu for some, but not all people. Even owners of the project do not find it in the menu. They do find it via the search though. And they d...