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  • Sub Task from Request

    Is it possible to creat several sub-tasks from project templates by the checkbox answers from a request? This feature would be awsome :)  

  • Survey in Tasks

    Often we use tasks where, among other things, decisions have to be made. Is it possible to include a decision-making survey in the tasks? That would help us a lot! 

  • work schedule for groups

    Is it possible to set the work schedule in the group settings and not just in the person's settings? I think this would help a lot😁

  • automatically import by XLS files

    I would like to know if there is any way to import XLS files by E-Mail. We want to speed up some processes and make dependences. We can send E-Mails automatically from our system and it would be pe...

  • request file attachment

    I would like to attach some dokument to my created request. It would help me because we use a request for our users to send us error and adjustments. Some of the errors are often and when the user ...