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  • Customizing time frame

    It would be great if there was a way to customize the "X days-ahead" parameter. Currently, only ""7-days ahead" and "30-days ahead" are offered as a general fwd time period (vs specific calendar da...

  • Custom task or project thumbnail

    It would be very helpful if we were able to assign a thumbnail visual from one of the task or projects' attachments so that finding a specific task or project in the "BOARD" view would be easier. F...

  • Wrike Proofing process

    Our team has experienced challenges with colleagues confused by the Wrike proofing process. Some of the issues are: Wrike email notifications are not always received by reviewers. We have checked...

  • Request form text visibility option

    Depending on the form's architecture, a Wrike request form can produce lot of superfluous text when it migrates into a task or project description. It would be great to be able to determine at the ...

  • More dashboard widgets or customization options based on task followers

    Currently, there are few filtering options available for populating a dashboard with tasks that are being followed. It would be great if there were more dashboard widgets and/or customization optio...

  • [Status: Investigating 🕵️‍♀️] Custom Fields + Form questions/answers

    Currently only drop down form questions can be mapped to custom fields of the same type. Being able to map more types of form questions/answers to their associated custom field type (check box, dat...

  • Version viewing preferences

    It would be great to be able to view attachments with multiple versions with one "sticky" viewing percentage setting so that flipping from different versions offered a better comparative review.

  • User rights

     Is it possible to limit a user's ability to delete tasks?

  • [Duplicate] "Following" as a filter

    It is possible to select all of one's followed task in the stream view. But if I would like to filter all those followed task by additional parameters I am out of luck. Can't "task I follow/don't f...

  • Forms and Custom Fields

    I understand there is a way to map responses within forms to drop down custom field menus but there doesn't seem to be the same thing for custom field check boxes. Are there plans to implement in t...