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  • Calculating User Performance?

    Is it possible now or in the future to calculate the average of status changes within one work day? We want to determine based on the user how many times the user selects different statuses on thei...

  • Create New Folder/Project and Add Task from Within the Task Panel

    The "+" button for adding task to folders or task is just begging for the option to create new folders or task from it. It would save our team a lot of time if we could create folders and add the t...

  • Open Folders in Table View

    Would be cool if how in the folders you can choose a default view, if for the table view you and determine what folders are open. Now we are always hitting the collapse all button and although it i...

  • Information in Table and Request Form

    I love how now Wrike allows information from request forms to populate automatically within a table. However when this happens, the information disappears completely from the request form itself. I...

  • More Control Over Request Title

    Hello! Although Wrike allows for specific request form questions to become the request title, it would be great if we could have more control over how the title is displayed. For example, one of th...

  • Predetermined Answers for Short Answers

    It would be cool if similar to the dropdown and checkbox questions, the short answer questions could have predetermined answers if left blank! For our purposes, we need the flexibility of having a ...

  • Creating a New Folder Without the Hassle

    When creating a new folder, Wrike automatically jumps to that folder page. It would be awesome if that did not happen. So far the only method I found that works is creating a new window in my brows...

  • Undo Option For Request Forms

    It would be amazing if this feature became available. Our company uses a multitude of different forms in our daily workflow with a lot of recurring information. Being able to duplicate request form...