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  3. [Status: Not planned] Hide dependent tasks until initial tasks are complete

Sixty up-votes before consideration sounds like the action lane for user-desired modifications; it seems this may be more appropriately characterized as a bug or error. The Wrike site says under Ty...

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  3. [Status: Not planned] Duplicate multiple tasks from a project or task to another task

Solution how to duplicate task tree: navigate to 'List' view. Right-click task you wish to duplicate (top of your subtask tree) and select duplicate, select desired options, select path as your cur...

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  3. [Status: Launched 🚀] Cancelled task still showing in workoad view

Lisa, Task status must be able to be changed en masse by changing the status of a whole group or project. A PM merely filtering their personal view is not acceptable, as these old tasks from cancel...

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  3. I am currently mass editing and want to disable project owner notifications until project is built how do I mute user notification until the project tasks and subtasks are populated?

This feature would be useful that Stephen describes. I imagine a checkbox simply to mute notifications in the project settings. The functionality would be simple: send no notifications to those who...

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  3. Date Constraint Adding and Deleting Nightmare

One up, same issue as Ilya.

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  3. [Duplicate post] Subtask dates and duration roll up to parent tasks

Add my +1 for adding this functionality. Would like the option for subtasks to automatically extend/reduce the duration of parent task and automatically sequence dependencies, flowing one into the ...


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