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I need to know if certain reporting features are possible on Wrike. Primarily we need to report on amounts billed over time/projects.

here is a sampling of scenarios that I would need to use for billing reporting:
  • Client A, retainer, £5k/month for 12 months, starts 15 December 2021
  • Client B, retainer, £10k/month for 6 months, starts 15 February 2022
  • Client C, project, £12k, 60-day timeline, half up front and half on completion, starts 15 January 2022
  • Client D, project, £4k, 30-day timeline, full amount up front, starts 15 January 2022
Based on this, I would expect to see the following:
  • £5k for December
  • £15k for January
  • £15k for February
  • £21k for March
  • £15k pm for April-July
  • £5k pm for August-November
I'd also need to be able to see (either on the report or click to drill down) what was making up those numbers.
Looking forward to seeing if this is possible - thanks!
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Hi Jamie Allen, thank you for contacting us. In Wrike, we try to take a creative approach to help our customers make the best use of our platform. Let me share a solution possible in your use case.

1. Create a Folder "Clients" and share it with your team members.

2. Create a Currency type Custom field and set default aggregation to Sum. This field will help you calculate amounts billed.

3. Create a task for each client in the parent Folder.

4. Fill in the "Payment" field for each task.

For the clients who pay the full amount upfront, you can use only one task. If the client has a recurrent payment or you've agreed on half on completion, please create tasks corresponding with the payment's frequency and schedule them for the appropriate date. I recommend using the duplicate feature to carry over the Custom field values and description. Alternatively, you can use recurrent tasks, create the next items upfront and manually populate the values.

5. Now with tasks scheduled for the payment dates and billing information filled in, you may create Reports on tasks within the "Clients" folder. To see tasks scheduled for each month, you can filter your reports by start or due date as shown below:​

This is how a report will look like:

I hope you'll find the above information helpful. Let us know if any questions remain 🙌

Lisa K. Community Team at Wrike Wrike Product Manager Learn about Wrike’s killer features and best practices with our Online Training Webinars

Lisa K. Wrike Team member Learn about Wrike’s killer features and best practices with our Online Training Webinars

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