⚡ Releases - Analyzing, Forecasting, and Moving at Lightning Speed (12/21/2020)

Feature Updates

  • Wrike Analyze - Forecasting 🔮
Wrike Analyze now supports AI-powered Forecasting, which allows for predicting next date intervals for line/column charts with date dimensions.
  • Quick Open Task By Permalink 🔗
Now when opening a task by permalink, it loads significantly faster ⚡ This is available to all users who have the New Wrike Experience enabled.
  • Wrike Views - Gantt Chart Custom View 📊
You can now select Gantt Chart as an option when creating a Custom view (before it was only possible for Table, Board, and List View). You can also duplicate a Gantt chart Primary view as a Custom view. Please note that Wrike Views is part of the New Wrike Experience.
  • Sharepoint - New Contextual Menu Options 📎
It's now possible to open Sharepoint files in a new tab from file lists or proofing right-click menus. In Proofing the right-click menu also includes "Open" and "Compare".
  • New Wrike Inbox 📨
The new Inbox has now been launched to make sure it's loading at lightning speed. You can now star tasks from Task view as this option has been removed from Inbox, but everything else is the same as before, just faster.


  • Gantt Chart Columns in Safari 14
Some of you noticed the Gantt Chart columns misaligned if you changed the width while using Safari 14 - it is now fixed! 🔧
  • Reports Refreshing Twice when Task is Opened in Overlay
In reports, every time a task was opened or closed in overlay, the report was refreshing itself. That shouldn't have been happening and it's not anymore ⚙️

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