How Expansive and Customizable Is Your Email Feature?

This is very important, because while I am looking for a simple, straight forward project management tool, my bigger concern is how much access to email options is there? 

I'll be honest, this is deal breaker for me so if I don't see what I require for our clients I'll have to move on.


We have 20+ clients each with their own project. We require a way to schedule an email update on a weekly basis, that provides our clients with access to their own easy to understand dashboard, and/ or provides automated reporting. 
Essentially it's an email they receive lets say on Monday that gives them a link or report with data such as current status of project, what is getting done, and what we may need from them if anything, among other information. 

I really hope you can provide something this customizable because as far as I am seeing your PM system is relatively intuitive and I would be willing to work with it so long as our email needs are met.

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Hi, I do not work for Wrike I am just part of the community but I wanted to share some information with you!

If you click on your profile picture in the upper right hand corner, click Profile Settings then Email Preferences. You you customize your e-mail settings, your tasks, other tasks your follow & you can set reminders. Here is a link with a little more on Email Notifications:

Another thing, you and your clients have the option to create your own custom Dashboard. You can add "To Do This Week, Overdue Tasks, Will Be Overdue After & even Tasks that are assigned to you. You can also share the Dashboard with eachother and then you would both be able to track your tasks & everything else going on with certain projects. Here is another link for the Custom Dashboards:


I hope this helped & i'm sorry if it didn't 😀




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Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Hey Tye Zaharia, welcome to the Community! 

We have some email integrations that might be helpful to you, here's more info on them:

I'd also say that we have Guest Reviews that should be helpful for your clients if they don't have a Wrike account.

There are Wrike Views that can be shared with users outside of your Wrike account:

You can also invite clients as Collaborators - they have limited rights and don't take up paid seats. 

Please take a look at the above articles and let me know if you have any questions! I can also raise a Support ticket for you so that the team can advise on a specific use-case 👍


Brittany Archuleta thanks a lot for reaching out to help here! 🙌

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