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Just wondering if there is any information out there for best practices on how to be an administrator for Wrike. 

We have been using Wrike for a couple years now and I just started to take a more active roll as an administrator. I have set up a couple dashboards to monitor activity but wondering if other users go deeper than this. Would be great to hear how others are handling the administrative roll in Wrike. 

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I like to review how projects are going, see if I can understand where they are by the Workflow, and will, if needed, create a Workflow just for that project. The auto assign function in the workflow works great for us! Or, even for recurring items. 

I love Request forms! I am the 'go-to' for all things IT in our company. If i can't fix it, I contact our vendor. I found myself asking the same questions over and over and over again whenever someone had an issue. So, to save time and put everything in an organized manner (aka Wrike Task), I created an IT Triage form. They HAVE to complete it if they want my attention. They HAVE to answer 2 questions with check marks to proceed:  Is there power? Have you rebooted?  If they can't answer yes to both questions, they cannot proceed with the form. Oh my, the time just that has saved me is huge! I have one option in it that automatically prioritizes the task. They have to check Urgency, and based on the answer, it gets tagged with my appropriate Urgency folder. 

Back to workflows, I will create them w/ auto assign for repetitive tasks. For instance, when i place an order from our Print vendor, i mark it Ordered. When I get notified it is ready for pickup, I change it to Ready for Pickup, which assigns it to our courier. When the item has been delivered to our office, she marks it received, reassigning to me. i print out the invoice and give to our AP dept, and mark the task Invoice to AP (which is equal to Completed)  Did I mention I have a request form for our print items (biz cards, etc) that are done many times? It auto creates the task, assigns it to me and includes all the important information. 

I hope this all made sense. :D 

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Thank you for responding. I am thinking I need to better utilize the request forms. It will give everyone a place to address issues and help them get the issue taken care of. 


How do you mange keeping track of everyone's usage on Wrike to make sure everyone is utilizing it or at least not breaking everything? 

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Usage is easy, you can run reports based on Active Tasks by Assignee, Overdue Tasks by Assignee, Completed date (including a time frame), and others. 

As for making sure they don't break anything... Allow only those with the proper knowledge Full access to a folder. Others, limit their abilities. Run a daily report for Unassigned Tasks (people forget to assign tasks to themselves). I'm open to other ideas on this 'break' it concept. :D 

I tell everyone, If it's not in Wrike, it doesn't Exist. This pushes them to use Request Forms. I also have the Outlook Add-in and create new Tasks/ Add Comments to existing tasks as i get them. If it's a new task to be created, i put it in my #Triage folder, then, once done w/checking my email, i can work on those items to get them set up in their proper folders. Before i did the #Triage folder, i found myself reacting and working on every email as they arrived. With this folder i find a lot of the items i reacted to immediately, could have waited, while i worked on other, more important, tasks. This has really helped organize my day/time much better. 


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Thank you! this was helpful. I struggle with the unassigned tasks, guess I just need to nag people more until they get it. I really like the #Triage idea and will be using this 

Thank you

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