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So far I really enjoy Wrike, but what I found that is missing from other PM tools that have been used in the past is the generic project overview tab. Similar to how you have the task set up with a description, dates, etc. - It would be nice to see a project as a whole, especially in the beginning stages.


- Project Overview: Generic description of the project 

- Company Info: A place to put client info such as main contact, phone, email etc. for easy access 

- Status: The health of the project displayed in this are as well. Green - ontime, Yellow - several overdue tasks or new tasks that haven't been started, Red - Many over due tasks, project deadline approaching 

Just a few ideas that would be nice to see a full overview of the project. 



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Hey Tony! Are you familiar with the project details page? If you create a project and select the project details icon (circled below) you have a lot of fields to work with!


The project description can go where you see "Click to add the description." You can easily add Custom fields to the project level such as client name/contact info. You'll also see in that screenshot a field for status which includes green, yellow, red, cancelled, completed and on hold. 

If you have seen this and it doesn't meet your needs, can you explain further? There are tons of workarounds to be found in Wrike! 😊

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Thanks for the reply!

Seems like a good way to go about it, I was hoping for more of a tab on the top next to "Table, Gantt Chart, Reports" etc. 

Maybe the first tab, and the ability to really customize the view - Just a thought! 

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I know this post was from a long time ago, but I'm wondering if there is any plans to include a project overview similar to what Asana offers? Screenshot attached.

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Hey Becky Bruza! Our team is currently working on some enhancements related to our Analytics View 🙂

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