The access report is ALMOST useful!

The following 'Important Information' makes this report useless for any large company.

'An admin or group admin must have access to a Folder/Project for it to be visible to them on Access Reports.'

While this may be OK for a mom and pop shop where the admin has access to all the folders/projects, in a larger organization the admin may be someone in the IT department who would not have visibility of all projects but is in charge of the corporate IT security.  

Wrike needs to change this policy for us larger customers.

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Hey Rich, thank you for posting on the Community 🙂

Please consider adding your vote to this Product Feedback thread, our Product team keeps a close eye on the suggestions there. I'd also recommend checking out this comment by Anna from the Wrike team - she suggests putting all work items to one top-level Folder in Wrike. 

If you have any further questions, I'll be happy to help.

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