"Negative" dependencies: next task shall not be activated if previous task is cancelled

It makes perfect sense to me that when there is a "finish to start" depencency the succeeding task gets activated once the previous task is completed. But it would also be great if a succeeding task is automatically deleted from the workflow in case the previous task is cancelled.

Example: we have a decision-finding task (do we want to do this yes/no). If we come to a positive result (--> task completed), we want a next task to follow. In case we come to a negative result (--> task cancelled), the next task is not relevant anymore and should not appear.

I wonder, do other Wrike users have similar cases in their workflows? How do you handle this?

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We have a similar case and we have a dedicated status in "Finish task status".

a) We have "Finish" if we work on the task and the task is finish

b) We have "Not realized" if we don't work on it because it's not necessary to do something. and with this status, we have the information for the next one.

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I asked for something similar, except that the dependent task would be shown as active until the governing task was cancelled or deferred. This felt like a more "normal" planning approach, to me, than hiding the dependent task until/unless the governing task is completed.

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These things are really needed.  Because of our templates when we have a potential client all these tasks are created that may never actually need to be done because it may not move forward to contract.  Our to do gets so clogged with tasks that can't be done yet because they are waiting on something else. This would fix a large percentage of our problems with Wrike.

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Wrike Team,

Please please incorporate this! 

To give you some background, we have a lot of people developing content (writers, researchers, artists, etc.) We have a lot of optional tasks within our project templates because some steps are not needed. However, content developers often only know if a task needs to be cancelled after the project has started and appropriate meetings occur.


Step 03.

Step 03a. Cancelled

Step 03b. Cancelled

Step 03c. Cancelled

Step 04. Needs to be in progress after 03. completed without manually adjusting dependencies each time.

You can see how incredibly tedious is it to go through hundreds of projects and change dependencies ever time a step is cancelled. Please help our operations team by improving this feature!




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Hey everybody, thank you for all of your feedback and use cases here. It's been passed on to the Product team.


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