How can I track deviation (original schedule Vs actual delivery)?

We're working using a mixture of Sprints and a longer-term roadmap/schedule - we have a rough plan for the order all features should be developed and a rough estimation on when that will take. Each month we define sprints for actual tasks in progress and we then update the master schedule frequently as we see how well sprints are completed.

It's very important to us we can always tell our customer an estimated completion date for the project, even though we all know this will move.

It's also a requirement they can see how far things shifted from initial estimations, not to criticise but to understand. e.g. our roadmap has task X to be delivered in April, but it actually gets delayed in June. I can't see how to do this because if I change the finish date, the previous one is gone. I know Wrike keeps a history because on individual tasks you can see it, but can I report this per-task or otherwise?

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Hi John,

Here are two ideas you might try out.

1) Gantt Snapshots - You can take a point in time snapshot of your planned tasks and revisit this to see how your plan has shifted over time. When you take a snapshot, you will have a link that you can share and revisit any time. You can take as many snapshots as you'd like. I have used this with clients as a way to provide weekly status and to show how the plan has changed over time. This feature is available on all paid accounts.

2) Report Snapshots - If you're on the business or enterprise plan, you can create reports and then snapshot those reports. This works similarly to the Gantt snapshot feature, but allows you to do snapshots on your own custom reports. If the Gantt chart isn't the view you want, chances are you can create a filtered report with the data that's relevant to your client/project and use snapshots to show original vs. actual.

Hope this helps. Let me know how it goes and if this hits the mark.

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Thanks Eric. I can see how this would let us achieve what we need though it might be a bit fiddly. It also precludes us getting the information for stuff we did before we start those snapshots :)

I had wondered if there was a way to interrogate task history... and if that is something you have to jump into the API for? It seems like Deviation is a normal project management task so are snapshots the normal solution here?

BTW can I set snapshots to be taken automatically?

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@John Hi and thanks for posting on the Community 🙂
Eric's suggestions to use Gantt Chart and Report Snapshots are great 👍 Snapshots are created manually, and it's a good way to get a static view of Tasks/Projects for future use.
I'd also suggest using Analytics View (available on Business and Enterprise subscriptions). The Baseline Chart compares tasks' current scheduled start and end dates to start and end dates tasks had on the date you specify 
Let me know if that helps 🙌

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So that chart does seem to mine the historic data exactly as I want but why only in this chart... I really want to be able to access that data freely e.g. by task or in a list/report view. Clearly Wrike tracks full task history and can tell me "when was this task originally scheduled" but I can't find a way to access that in a flexible way. Is it accessible in reporting somehow or via a custom field or some other clever thing?


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