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Hello, Im implementing Get Thing Done (GTD) and I would like to have a single system including my personal life and work. However, I work in several projects, each project owner has their own account/workspace. So, for now I have to keep track of them separatedly (and have different calendars for each projects? I dont know since I'm on free accounts)

I think it is easier to link other workspaces in one place, so that I can manage different things at once, together with my personal life.

Also, I found that Enterprise admin can log in as another user in this article: That means if I'm a user of an Enterprise account and make use of GTD method, admins can view all my personal stuffs.

Could you recommend a solution or work around to this?

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I used to manage my own person GTD workflow within my companies Wrike account. This was before the enterprise edition was available and the feature for admins to log in and emulate other users didn't exist. On the professional plan that feature doesn't exist, so I would say you could store your personal GTD system without fear of someone else reviewing your data.

Depending on your comfort level with data privacy, I see two routes you could take.

1. Put your personal stuff in your work account and don't share the folder with anyone. Accept that if on the enterprise edition, someone could see your personal stuff.

2. Keep personal and work separate and use a free Wrike account that you own for your personal stuff.

Personally, and I can only speak for myself here, I would opt for storing my personal GTD stuff in my work account in a folder only I can see. I don't care if an admin can see my stuff - I don't have anything to hide. But again, that's just my personal preference.

Hope this helps. I'm interested in your thoughts and what others are doing...

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Thank Eric. I really appreciate your solution.

Previously, I was involved in an non-profit organization besides my work. And they used Trello, I used 2 Wrike accounts for my work and my personal life. So I just imagine that if this scales up and I'm in several organizations, then how I would handle it. Since there will be so many "In-Buckets" everywhere, and things to keep track scattered.

For now, I've just merged my 2 Wrike acc for the sake of simplicity and it works much better.

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